Secret 67

Diamond Orange

My Teacher spoke of these things to me over eighteen thousand years ago. I did not believe him. He came again and again. I would not listen. It seemed irrelevant. The times were difficult. The old empire had passed. Civilization was scattered and lost, and many great ones were driven underground and destroyed. Pursued they were. Records of history were destroyed. It was a period of great undoing. In the face of such calamities, the words he spoke seemed barely relevant to me. And yet I chose to listen, for I had heard his words before. An ancient chord was struck in me, an ancient memory. I had a recall of an experience before birth that I could not forget. They placed me on a dais and prepared me to enter the world. They cast a light over my head and they said, “You will not forget this light.” And I remembered. My Teacher, who is with me now as he was then, prepared me. Things that you encounter are far less difficult though you have many more needs and complexities in your life than we did. Food and shelter— these were our concerns. You have many concerns we did not even dream of.


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