Secret 282

Diamond Orange

There is a greater religious tradition that serves the Greater Community. The Greater Community represents life on a larger scale of which your world is but a small part. The Plan of God serves all intelligent life. It is not the exclusive right of this little world. Therefore, for you to appreciate the Greater Plan, you must not have such a limited concept of who you are and what you have been. If you are to serve in the physical world, you must know what you have been in this life and to some extent in others. This must be accessed through Knowledge; otherwise, it is entirely useless. It must come through realization. If you think you were a great personage in a previous life, this has no value whatsoever except to inflate your sense of self-importance a little more. This is not what we speak of, please understand. We speak of the direct realization that who you are includes a greater body of life.


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