Secret 283

Diamond Orange

Those of you who have tried to follow the religious traditions of this world with no success, why is this? Is it because these traditions are corrupt or fallible? No, that is not the reason. It is because they only reach a certain part of you. They do not reach your complete self. They do not cleanse all of you. You cannot wholeheartedly give yourself to them. They are incomplete for you. This is because you have emerged out of a greater religious tradition. This is the tradition that you have worked in for many, many years. Therefore, the reclamation of this tradition is essential for the development of your spiritual life. It may be difficult to accept this at first, for it seems that you are dabbling in fantastic things. Yet the truth is that you are seeking for your religious tradition. If you cannot find it in the traditions of the world, you had better look elsewhere, for this world does not represent the religious traditions of the entire galaxy.


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