Diamond Orange

Like all of Marshall’s works, this is a spiritual treasure. It’s poetic, intimate nature here though opens me up to the Mystery in a unique way. These are secrets from Heaven we are so fortunate to receive at this time. Blessings. Nasi Novare Coram.”

– Anonymous

This is a simple book, clear and direct in its presentation. Each page has a short maxim, an idea to ponder, though I found myself pondering less and experiencing more. The ideas and insights presented in this volume have a strange way of cutting through obscuration and revealing a pure experience of spirituality and relationship in life. There were times when I felt moved to tears by the beauty of the words. I used to study Buddhism and this book still pays homage to deeper relationships and the interconnectedness of all things.”

– Manaprasada

I keep reading it over and over, a few pages at a time, some corners folded over for the ones that really make me think and feel. It’s simple yet profound, and gentle, yet powerful. This is one of those books you read your whole life. Helps me see life with a greater vision and more compassion.”

– Angel Lewis

Short passages providing insight into the mystery of our life and why we are here. There is comfort in knowing that we have teachers from beyond guiding us to recognize and fulfill our true purpose in this world.”

– Terry Marlette

I find this book to be so very inspiring. I is not something you pick up and read in one sitting. Each page contains a quote that make you stop and contemplate on. It makes no difference which page you start, you can start in the middle & work your way back or forward. Just open it up & any page you read, it is something that speaks to you. I would highly recommend this book to anyone. It speaks to all people of all nations, race, creed or color. You will not be sorry you picked it up. It is something you can read any time and many times again & again:*)

– Jeanne Brown

What happens when the surface of the mind is penetrated and all that can be know is known? The Secrets of Heaven. Secrets invites the world stage, all the drama and commotion of humanity, to thought and reflection at the level of Knowledge. It’s language is distinctly new and previously unheard in spiritual tradition and it ushers the reader into a new reality and perspective as timeless as it is relevant to our day. Each page is a succulent dram of awakening, sure to restore weary hearts and errant minds back to life.

– streetwave

Each page has a different ‘secret’ – a small paragraph, sometimes a couple of sentences sometimes a whole page – of dense and rich substance. I open it up on random pages just to see what I find, its funny – even after having it for a couple of years I’m still finding new ones! Time to read through it completely I think. But it is a beautiful book that my soul loves to drink from…”

– Tom W.

“From the depths of Mystery come the Secrets of Heaven.” This book holds a lifetime of wisdom yet it is but a part of the New Message from God. If your mind is open and your heart is open, I invite you to explore the New Message from God. This book is an ideal “gateway” to such an exploration. Other books that you will need in your exploration are “Wisdom from the Greater Community Volumes I and II” and “Steps to Knowledge: the Book of Inner Knowing”, the latter may be freely downloaded. Happy exploring!”

– soulmanjoeb

Contains the most profound mysteries of life and the universe … highly recommend for everyone on a spiritual path !”

– Saanch